Green Impact for Health

We at Foreland Medical Centre thrilled to announce our participation in the Green Impact for Health and are actively pursuing initiatives to diminish our carbon footprint. Recognizing the interconnectedness of the climate emergency and public health, it’s imperative to note that healthcare activities in the UK contribute 4-5% of the nation’s carbon emissions.

Our primary objective is to strengthen the health of present-day populations without jeopardizing the well-being of future generations. Achieving this necessitates adhering to sustainable practices that align with the planet’s ecological limits. Fortunately, many of the solutions that benefit the environment also promote personal health. Examples include adopting a predominantly plant-based diet, embracing active modes of travel and outdoor exercise, refraining from smoking, and minimizing pollution.

These measures not only enhance individual health but also diminish the reliance on medications, thereby offering additional advantages to both the NHS and individual well-being, while simultaneously mitigating the carbon footprint associated with healthcare.

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